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Ronkonkoma Fuel Oil Delivery and Service

We are proud to serve Ronkonkoma residents since 1988. Our trucks are out of Ronkonkoma, so we are never too far from you, should you need a fast and efficient oil delivery. Our staff is fully experienced on getting your system efficiently operate and deliver quality home heating oil year-round in Ronkonkoma NY. Our fuel oil delivery service is fast, friendly and we offer the lowest prices in Ronkonkoma and throughout Long Island. We do deliver same day and schedule automatic deliveries to keep your home and family warm. Our deliveries start at 7 am in the morning and some days we work until 8 pm to assure that all our clients are warm.

Ronkonkoma Heating Oil: The Premier Discount Home Heating Oil and C.O.D. Oil Company

We do offer premier discount COD fuel oil at everyday lowest prices for Ronkonkoma residents from Long Island’s quality Verified Fuel oil terminals; you can compare our prices simply by calling us or by using the online order system which allows you to pay for your delivery by credit card or cash. We also offer contracts and burner service.

Discount heating oil prices in Ronkonkoma NY

Our heating oil prices are the lowest prices in Ronkonkoma. As well as best discounted COD fuel oil we also offer different payment types such as: credit cards, ACH, and cash payments. Our prices are set every day at 6 pm for the next day, before ordering your next delivery we strongly advise you to call us at (631) 619-2227.

COD fuel oil at cheap prices

Our guaranteed lowest prices for COD fuel deliveries have saved Ronkonkoma residents thousands of dollars since 1988. We offer best quality heating oil at cheapest prices. By switching to Domino fuel you will instantly start saving. Stand against the oil companies today that charge too high for your deliveries. Call us at (631) 619-2227 to discuss your oil buying options.

Discount Home heating oil in Ronkonkoma

Selecting the best heating oil company is one of the key challenges for homeowners, unlike many other heating oil companies Domino Fuel offers the best quality at everyday lowest prices. We treat our customers like family and always welcome them. We work 7 Days a week to ensure our clients get their deliveries on time. We work around the clock and serve Ronkonkoma 7 days a week.

Seniors in Ronkonkoma NY – Senior Citizen Discount on Home Heating Oil

We do value our clients and senior residents; our top priority is to make sure our senior resident’s satisfaction with our lowest price guaranteed for home heating oil deliveries; if you are a senior resident call Domino Fuel today to talk to one of our friendly customer service assistants.

Oil Prices in Ronkonkoma 11779

As you may know there are many fuel sellers that serve Ronkonkoma but we believe we are different than many other companies because below are our benefits for Ronkonkoma home owners:

  • Lowest price guarantee heating oil
  • Same Day Deliveries
  • Boiler Repair
  • Oil Burner Service
  • Automatic Delivery
  • Furnace Repair
  • Oil tank removal and installation
  • Chimney Cleaning & Repair
  • Heating Systems Maintenance
  • COD Oil Deliveries

How do I get better fuel efficiency for my home?

There are a few ways to get better fuel efficiency- we do recommend following steps:

1- Have your unit tuned up for the winter season

2- Keep the temperature level at 65F

3- Decrease the heat by 5 degrees between 8 am to 4 pm during sunlight

4- Keep windows insulated

5- Keep towels under doors to prevent drafts

How much fuel does an average household use?

An average household uses around 700 to 900 gallons of heating oil per year.  Check this resource for calculating your fuel oil usage.

How do I get the best price for my heating oil delivery?

Just give us a call and mention this website – we’ll give you our best oil price.

Why is my current oil company charging me more? I thought I was a loyal client.

Unfortunately some companies charge way higher than normal prices to its clients who have been with them for many years because they do not worry that long term clients will switch to another company.  This mentality of some heating oil company owners are costing homeowners a fortune. If your current company is charging you high prices, give us a call and learn about the Domino difference.

What color is heating oil?

Heating oil is DYED Red color

Should I Turn off my unit before putting oil in my tank?

If you are home you can do it, but if your burner is maintained it should be OK getting delivery while the unit works. It’s better to turn off your burner if you’ve run out of oil, then wait 30 minutes to an hour before turning it back on.

When should I place an order?

You tank holds bacteria on the bottom therefore we strongly advise you to place an order when your fuel level is around ¼.

How do I maintain my heating oil tank?

Your tank and boiler work together although they are two separate units therefore we suggest that you use heating oil tank conditioner once every 6 months to block bacteria growing.

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